Buck Owens, Roy Clark and Ray Charles “Jealous Heart” Live On Hee Haw 1981.

Buck Owens, Roy Clark and Ray Charles perform "Jealous Heart" in the Hee Haw variety program.

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Jealous Heart

Buck Owens, Roy Clark and Ray Charles perform “Jealous Heart” in the Hee Haw variety program.

The song has been versioned by many singers in different musical styles, also versioned in Spanish, Jealous Heart “has become a standard of Latin music via a Spanish language rendering by Mexican lyricist Mario Molina Montes entitled” Jealous “(“ jealous “). In Nashville in March 1966 by Trio Los Panchos led by Johnny Albino, “Jealous” entered the Top Ten in Mexico in April 1967 and – ranked in tandem with a cover by Marco Antonio Muñiz – the track reached No. 1 that summer spending five months in the Top Ten.
It has also been versioned in Swedish, Finnish and German.

History of the Song

Tex Ritter performs “Jealous Heart ” Live On Town Hall Party 1959.

Jenny Lou Carson 1945 (Decca)
Jenny Lou Carson 1945 (Decca)

Some versions:
Jenny Lou Carson 1945 (Decca)
Jack Owens 1949 (Decca)
The Squadronaires 1950 (Decca)
Carl Butler 1958 (Columbia)
Kitty Wells 1960 (Decca)
Bob Luman 1960 (Warner)
Teresa Brewer 1961 (Coral)
Hank Locklin 1962 (RCA)
Loretta Lynn 1965 (Decca)
Johnny Rodriguez 1973 (Mercury)
Jerry Lee Lewis 1976 (Mercury)
Marsha Thompson 1989 (MCA)


Tex Ritter – Jealous Heart Lyrics

Jealous heart, oh jealous heart, stop beating
Can’t you see the damage you have done?
You have driven her away, forever
Jealous heart, now I’m the lonely one

I was part of everything she planned for
And I know she loved me at the start
Now she hates the sight of all I stand for
All because of you, oh jealous heart

Jealous heart, why did I let you rule me
When I knew the end would bring me pain
Now she’s gone, she’s gone and found another
Oh, I’ll never see my love again

Through the years here memory will haunt me
Even though we’re many miles apart
It’s so hard to know she’ll never want me
‘Cause she heard your beating jealous heart

Many times I trusted you to guide me
But your guiding only brought me tears
Why, oh why, must I have you inside me
Jealous heart for all my lonely years

Tex Ritter & His Texans
Tex Ritter & His Texans

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