Chuck Cusimano-The Collection, Vol.2.Review CD By Mike Gross

Chuck Cusimano-The Collection, Vol.2 (CD)
Chuck Cusimano-The Collection, Vol.2 (CD)

Singer/Songwriter Chuck Cusimano has just released this new CD of 24 selections that he wrote or co-wrote over his long and successful career. They include a true gem, My Heart is Back in Texas. The other titles are My Eileen, Too Choked Up to Chuckle, Don’t it Make You Glad, Good Case of the Blues, Mexicali Lady, I Never Loved You That Much, Lonely Texas Highway, Deeper in the Doghouse, When Love Was a Sport, I Never Lost You, You’ve Still Got Him in Your Eyes, May All Your Dreams Come True, Let’s Start By Sayin’ Hello, Without You, There’s Only One, Leave Me Now, Fast Lane, I Don’t Get Enough, Three Chords and a Bottle, You Should’ve Been There, You Don’t Have to Say Goodbye, Tomorrow’s Promised Sunrise and Loneliest Broken Heart.

The musicians are some of the best in the music business. Among the many musicians you will hear the following steel guitarists: Gary Carpenter, Carl Walden and Junior Knight. Junior also plays Dobro and Carl also plays harmonica. Chuck and Jake Bayless play electric guitar and Chuck also plays acoustic guitar. Jimmy Belkin, Jess Meador and Hank Singer play fiddle. Jimmy Lee Morris, Dave Stanley and Mark Abbott play bass. Larry Ely, Bobby Hibbits, Dixie Hankins and Josh Rogers play drums and Eddie Morgan, Jerry Abbott and Terry Bayless play piano. There are also many background vocalists.

This wonderful CD can be purchased in the USA for $25., including postage and handling from Cusimusico, 1608 Ross Lane, Springtown, TX 76082. You can also download for $1. a song at

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK-AM, Lompoc, CA
October 25, 2018

My Eileen
Too choked up to chuckle
Dont it make you glad
Good case of the blues
Mexicali lady
I never loved you that much
Lonely Texas highway
Deeper in the doghouse
When love was a sport
I never lost you
You’ve still got him in your eyes
May all your dreams come true
Lets start by saying hello
Without you
There’s only one
Leave me now
Fast lane
I don’t get enough
Three chords and a bottle
You should’ve been there
My heart is back in Texas
You don’t have to say goodbye
Tomorrows promised sunrise
Loneliest broken heart