Don Burnham – California Skies 2020

Cover CD Don Burnham
Cover CD Don Burnham

Album: California Skies
Artist: Don Burnham
Label: Redoubtable

Don Burnham, longtime leader of Lost Weekend, the fantastic San Francisco CA Western Swing band has just released a new album featuring 12 wonderful cuts on which he sings, plays rhythm guitar and produced.

For backing vocalists Don chose Bernard Peyton, Rick Dougherty, Bruce Stetler, Frannie Leopold and Sara Winge. The steel guitarist heard is Hall of Fame member Bobby Black while Paul Shelasky, Jeremy Cohen and Chad Manning play the fiddles. Mark Holzinger and Richard Saslow are heard on electric guitars. Bing Nathan and Karen Horner on bass and Scott Lawrence plays piano. Rick Alegria is the drummer, Ernie Mansfield plays sax and clarinet and Will Scarlett plays harmonica.

The album opens with a fantastic cut and probable future top 10 hit, One Way Ticket Back Home. Another future top 10 item is Back in Oklahoma. Nancy Thorwardson wrote California Skies and Billy Rose penned the beautiful pop classic It Happened in Monterey. Other enjoyable items are Old Songs and the ballads, Nobody Loves Me Like You Do and In the Shadow of the Valley. There is the feeling of blues with Woman with a Chainsaw and Fool’s Paradise. Western music is represented with Utah Moon and the Billy Hill masterpiece, Empty Saddles. The remaining interesting tune is The Toast.

This very enjoyable album can be obtained at by Pay Pal or check for $15 US, plus $5 for domestic shipping.

Mike Gross, KSEY-FM, Seymour, TX & KTNK, Lompac, CA and

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Track List And Musicians
Track List And Musicians