Review CD By Rick Huff. Greg Hager “State of Mind”

Greg Hager - State of Mind (Cover CD)
Greg Hager - State of Mind (Cover CD)

Greg Hager
State of Mind

Singer/songwriter Greg Hager covers all directions: he creates music of the West in Southeast North Dakota! ‘Sorry. ‘Had to get it out of my system…

Hager is the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Country Artist Association’s Entertainer Of The Year for 2018. And they actually managed to fit that on a belt buckle that’s smaller than a hubcap! In his latest release, he presents us with a new collection of his originals. It’s equally divvied up in its Western to Country ratio. There are six of each!

This album strikes me as being less aggressively beat-propelled than some earlier Hager releases. All of this CD’s Western tracks are picks: “Cowboy Hall Of Fame,” the funky swinger “Cowboy Wrap,” “Drover,” the dual entendre “Fast Is Slow,” the title track “State Of Mind” and “Wants To Be.” Country picks include “All Those Years Ago,” “Daymare” and “Long Line.” Hager has always presented CDs that are tightly produced and professionally performed throughout. That is certainly true this go ‘round as well. Twelve tracks, highly recommended.

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– by Rick Huff

Track List
All Those Years Ago
Cowboy Hall of Fame
Party of One
Cowboy Wrap
Fast Is Slow
State of Mind
Long Line
Doesn’t Seem Like Much
Wants to Be
I’ll Come Back