Jared Rogerson – Branch Of The Tree 2019

Jared Rogerson - Branch Of The Tree ( Cover CD )
Jared Rogerson - Branch Of The Tree ( Cover CD )

Recently I have been questioned about certain terms I’ve used in past reviews. Am I intending to be negative with them, I’m asked. No, I’m not…at least not in describing style. When I say Jared Rogerson is very good at what he does and what he does is full-out Hot Country in its effect, it’s just to try to put into words for you his sound. When I add that I get the feeling Rogerson doesn’t require much pitch correction so he’s still one of “ours,” yes! Then I’m being sarcastically glib!

Picks in this mix of specific Western and less Western songs by subject include Rogerson originals like the title track “Branch Of The Tree,” “Feel Alive,” “Cowboy Caches” and his cover of Radney Foster’s “Texas In 1880.” Rogerson writes that he recently returned from another set of shows in Germany and has also received some TV coverage in Brazil. Way to go (and come back)!!

CD: $18 + $2 s/h through jaredrogerson.com or from Jared Rogerson, PO Box 2071, Pinedale, WY 82941. Available for download or streaming everywhere.

Track List

1.Right Here with Us
2.Cowboy Face
3.Roll My Way Again
4.Branch of the Tree
5.Beautiful Scars
6.In This Cage
7.Texas in 1880
8.Feel Alive
9.Cowboy Caches
10.I Could Use a Song