Keith Phillips – Pieces Left Behind

CD Keith Phillips - Pieces Left Behind
CD Keith Phillips - Pieces Left Behind

From this man, comes an uncanny ability to tell his story in a song. He has some of the best musicians around…and his talents have too long been hidden from public view. Below is , in his own words, the story of Keith Phillips.

Keith Phillips Biography

I was born on Sept. 8, 1952 in Alvin Texas. I am the middle child of a family of eleven. My father was born in Eagletown Oklahoma. A town that is no longer there. All of my father’s family left Oklahoma during the dust bowl. He came to Texas and married my mother and the rest of his family moved to California. My first job was shining shoes in the Ice Houses down by the port of Houston, when I was eight or nine. That is where I developed a love of Country music shining shoes while listening to the Jukebox. I dropped out of school at an early age and went to work in construction. I was drafted in 1972 and spent two years in the military and during that time, I finished high school. After leaving the military, I continued working construction for several years. I met my future wife in 1976, in a dance hall in Houston. We were married that same year. The song “Wrong Place Right Time”, is the story of how my wife and I met and how I told the story to my grand kids. I joined the Houston Fire Department in 1982. I spent 28 years as a firefighter, where I reached the rank of Senior Captain. I am a Christian, a patriot, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. I often say I have several families, my fire dept. family, my church family, and my blood family. My wife and I were blessed to have two sons who are also Houston Firefighters. We have five Grand kids who keep us very busy in a good way.

How I started writing songs and performing is a story in itself. My wife and I were returning from Leakey, Texas where we attended the Fourth of July celebration and parade. God gave me my first song, “When Old Glory Passes By” was written that day driving home on I-10. I sung the song acapella on video and my wife suggested putting it on Facebook. Well, the song went viral and was featured on the local ABC news station. I got the song recorded and have performed it and some of my other songs in churches and American Legion Halls in the local area. I’ve found I really enjoy the process of writing songs and everything that goes into making thoughts into a song. My hope is in some small way I will contribute something worthwhile to the genre of genuine country music. When I say country, to me that includes Western Swing and Western Cowboy music. One of the best things I have learned from experience is how many people still love, still write and still perform genuine country music.


Track List

When Old Glory Passes By
Wrong Place Right Time
The Pieces Left Behind
Heart Of Texas Swing
One More Time
Granddaddy’s Girl
My Mind At 3am
The Day I Met Jesus
Jesus Side Of Grace
Walking in The Rain
Memory Of You
He’s a Firefighter
1000 Answered Prayers
Things My Daddy Told Me