Love That Country Music March 22, 2019 (Un Viaje Musical Por Lo Mejor Del Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass Y Americana)

Love That Country Music March 23, 2019
Love That Country Music March 23, 2019

Set list:

Hayes Carll – American Dream
Lyman Ellerman – Bigger Plans
Rachel Laven – Finish Line
Jackson Taylor & The Sinners – Foolin’ Around
Irene Kelley – Bluegrass Radio
Ryan Farmer – My Darlin’
The Hummingbirds – Forever’s Not A Lifetime
Joshua Ray Walker – Last Call
Chella & The Charm – Lonesome
Jeff Tweedy – From Far Away
B.B. Palmer – Temporary Smile
Lawson Vallery Band – When You Fall
Steel Blossoms – You’re The Reason I Drink
Bobby Mackey – Merle Haggard Blues feat Norman Hamlet
Bill and the Belles – Old Lonesome Blues
Cowboy Joe Babcock – You Make It Easy to Sin
Kayla Ray – 1963

DJ Oscar Martinez