Ray Whitley – Vol 2 Ranch House Romp. Review By Oj Sikes

Ray Whitley - Vol 2 Ranch House Romp ( Cover CD
Ray Whitley - Vol 2 Ranch House Romp ( Cover CD

Ray Whitley – Vol 2 Ranch House Romp


Although Ray Whitley is best-known as the composer of “Back in the Saddle Again,” he wrote a lot of other very enjoyable music for movies and he made a number of good studio recordings as well. Both commercial recordings and soundtrack music are on this CD! Since so much of his movie music has been waiting for many decades to be transferred from soundtracks to CD, this album is a real treasure. It’s already become one of my all-time favorites!

One of the commercial gems is his composition, “On the Painted Desert,” a song few of us knew he recorded anywhere other than on a movie soundtrack (Jill Jones heard the soundtrack version and recorded it on one of her CDs in 2004) but now, the original commercial recording is here, and the audio quality on this and most of the other tracks is remarkably good.

There are 38 tracks on the CD, largely from Tim Holt movie soundtracks, but a considerable number of hard-to-find commercial sides are here as well, along with very informative liner notes by Kevin Coffey. This CD is a real winner! Highly recommended! Contact VenerableMusic.com or phone (678) 232-0268.

British Archive of Country Music

O.J Sikes

– The Last Flight Of Wiley Post
– Saddle Your Blues To A Wild Mustang
– My Alabammy Home
– I Saw Your Face In The Moon
– You Took My Candy
– On The Painted Desert
– Ranch House Romp
– Ragtime Cowboy Band
– Riding And Dreaming
– Now I Know
– Twilight On The Praire
– My Grandpap
– The Railroad’s Coming To Town
– Bangtail
– Blue Nightfall
– Tumbleweed Cowboy
– Six-Gun Gold
– Rock Along Home
– On The Outlaw Trail
– Nightfall On The Praire
– Dude Cowboy
– End Of The Canyon Trail
– Echo Singing In The Wild Wind
– Ridin’ The Wind
– I’ll Live Until I Die
– Land Of The Open Range
– Ki-Yo My Horse Is Slow
– Come On Danger
– Old Bowlegged Jones
– I’m On The Trail Again
– Song Of The Cowboy
– Long About Sundown
– Jukebox Cannonball
– Between The Lines
– Within This Broken Heart
– Ten Gallon Stetson
– How Could So Many People Be So Wrong
– Why Do I Cry Over You.