Red Egner – Red Egner & Others. Review By Oj Sikes

Red Egner & Others ( Cover CD )
Red Egner & Others ( Cover CD )

Red Egner – Red Egner & Others

BACM CD 643.

When Tex Williams left Spade Cooley over a salary dispute in 1946, Columbia Records had just finished recording a number of sides by the band featuring Tex’s vocals. Shortly afterwards, Cooley changed record labels, moving to RCA Victor, so Columbia released those 1946 sides slowly, over the next couple of years. In the meantime, Tex Williams formed his own band, but Cooley needed to replace Tex and the band members who went with him. He chose a talented guitarist and fiddler named Red Egner.

Egner didn’t sound at all like Tex, but he had been working with a group called the Saddle Pals and had recently recorded with some of Cooley’s sidemen, e.g. Tex Atchison and Noel Boggs, so Spade hired him. The sides Red cut with the Saddle Pals and the all-star group in 1946 make up the first 12 tracks on this CD. The next 8 are from 1946-47, recorded for small labels under Red’s own name. To close the collection, there’s a live performance from an AFRS Melody Roundup broadcast featuring Spade Cooley’s band with Red from the Fall of 1946.

Detailed liner notes by historian Kevin Coffey fill lots of gaps for fans who might know Egner’s name but might not be familiar with his story. Available online and from or phone (678) 232-0268.

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O.J Sikes

Track List

– I’m A Rolling Stone
– Down The Rainbow Trail
– The Timber Trail
– Springtime On The Range
– Goin’ Back To Texas
– River Of The Roses
– Watchin’ The Clouds Roll By
– You Didn’t Forget Me
– Boogie Woogie On Strings
– You’ll Find There’s No One To Care
– I’m Gonna Lasso That Girl From El Paso
– Guitar Polka
– You Never Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry
– Turn My Picture Upside Down
– I Can’t Forgive Myself
– Brown Eyed Baby
– I’m So Doggone Tired
– Hide Your Face
– Crazy ‘Cause I Love You
– I’m A Fool To Care
– AFRS Melody Round-Up Live Performance 1171, Fall 1946
– What Becomes Of Me.