Sandy Reay & Friends – Bring ’em Home 2020

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Sandy Reay and Friends Bring 'em Home Cover Art
Sandy Reay and Friends Bring 'em Home Cover Art

Sandy Reay & Friends

Bring ’em Home

The releases of Sandy Reay could easily be thought of as Variety Shows! Half the time she turns the lead vocals over to her guest artists or shares the task with them. This time out six of the tracks find Dave Schaper, Ernie Maritinez, Tom Munch, Doc Mehl or Steve Jones of the late lamented Yampa Valley Boys in that lead vocal capacity.

Some poetry shows up as well (“Black Day,” “Stitches,” “Spitting Seeds” and “Another Horse To Saddle”). Picks include the title track, which is the Terry Nash/Sandy Reay/Dave Schaper co-write “Bring ‘Em Home,” Tom Munch & Reay’s “Glue-lot Cowboy,” a Floyd Beard/Munch/Reay/Schaper saga song “Diamonds & Gold” and the non-Western but hilarious Doc Mehl/Reay song “Wish You Were Here.”

Sandy Reay’s own vocals possess a plaintive, almost near-tears quality that also worked for Melanie Safka and the young Emmylou Harris among others. The overall effect of this release is a pleasing one. Such collaborations can prove costly, but hopefully we won’t have to wait another ten years for Installment Three! Twelve tracks, recommended.

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– by Rick Huff

Play List
Bring ’em Home (feat. Dave Schaper, Ernie Martinez, Sandy Reay & Spencer Pyne)
Melinda Rose (feat. Tom Munch, Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez, Gordon Burt & Spencer Pyne)
Ride for the Win (feat. Ernie Martinez & Sandy Reay)
Black Day (feat. Steve Jones, Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez & David Sondrup)
Glue-Lot Cowboy (feat. Tom Munch, Gordon Burt & Spencer Pyne)
Spitting Seeds (feat. Sandy Reay & Ernie Martinez)
Diamonds and Gold (feat. Tom Munch, Stacy McClure, Bj Suter, Spencer Pyne, Ed Skibbe, Ernie Martinez, Rod Welles, David Sondrup & Luke Halpin)
Down at Joe’s (feat. Steve Jones, Donald Young, Spencer Pyne, Bryan McClure & Sandy Reay)
Another Horse to Saddle (feat. Sandy Reay & Ernie Martinez)
Wish You Were Here (feat. Al “Doc Mehl, Stacy McClure, Rod Welles, Spencer Pyne, Ernie Martinez, Sandy Reay & David Sondrup)
Two Below the Hocks (feat. Sandy Reay, Ernie Martinez & Luke Halpin)
Stitches (feat. Sandy Reay & Spencer Pyne)