Swingin’ West April 05, 2020 (Musician Spotlight Salute to 3 Great Fiddle Players)

Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross
Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross

Musician Spotlight Salute to 3 Great Fiddle Players

Theme- Jason Roberts
Somewhere South of San Antone- Johnny Gimble (CMH) (CD- Celebrating With Friends)
Rosetta- Leon Rausch & Asleep at the Wheel (Bismeaux) (CD- It’s a Good Day)
I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World- Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel (Bismeaux) (CD- Willie and the Wheel)

Theme- Howard Kalish
The Lights in the Distance- Cornell Hurd Band (Behemoth) (CD- A Bad Year for Love)
Texas Blues- The Texas Swing Kings (CD- The Texas Swing Kings Are on the Air)
It’s Dark All Over the World- Howard Kalish (Behemoth) (CD- What the Hey)

Western Swing Salute to Jim Reeves
The Blizzard- Johnny Johnson (CD- One Last Time)
He’ll Have to Go- Hank Pell (CD- Unissued)
Am I Losing You- Don Sulesky (CD- Takin’ Life Easy)

Western Concert- Western Railroad Songs
The Hell-Bound Train- Don Edwards (Western Jubilee) (CD- American)
Granny Held Up the Train- Pete Laumbach (WTC Compilation # 32)
Maggie- Earl Gleason & Bar D Wranglers (CD- They All Went That A Way)

Theme- Bobby Flores
Cajun Baby- Bobby Flores (Yellow Rose) (CD- Eleven Roses)
Fiddlin’ Man- Herman Lammers Meyer (Desert Kid) (CD- Nashville is Rough on the Living)
Where There’s Smoke- Dottie Jack (Startex) (CD- I Can’t See Texas From Here)
Faded Love- Floyd Cramer (RCA Victor) (LP- On the Rebound)