Swingin’ West February 10, 2019 (Salute to AWA Award Winners)

Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross
Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross

Salute to 2010 AWA Award Winners

I. Theme

Open That Gate- John England & the Western Swingers (Lickety Split) (BMI)
Nothing Better to Do- Carolyn Martin (Java Jive) (Unknown)
You Just Take Her- The Saddle Cats (EastLight) (Unknown)

II. Western Concert- Theme

Ride, Ride, Ride- Lynn Anderson (Showboat) (BMI)
Cattle Call Yodel- Gary McMahan (Horse Apple) (ASCAP)
Old Gringo- Randy Huston (Outside Circle) (BMI)

III. Theme

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star- The Saddle Cats (EastLight) (BMI)
Oklahoma 1955- Les Gilliam (Lunacy) (Unknown)
I Only Want a Buddy- Nashville Swing Band Under Dir. Buddy Spicher (SecTer) (Unknown)

IV. Texas Dance Hall Time

Something’s Wrong- Tony Booth (Heart of Texas) (ASCAP)
It’s a Great Night for Dancin’- Ben Chesney (indie) (BMI)
One Step Away- Mike & Brenda True (indie) (Unknown)

V. Western Swing Boogies

Wayne’s Boogie- Wayne Glasson & Friends (indie) (Unknown)
Plantation Boogie- Swing Commanders (UK Import) (indie) (BMI)
Bump Bounce Boogie- Liz Talley (Diamond) (BMI)

Faded Love- Bobby Gilstrap (Music-Biz) (BMI)