Swingin’ West November 10, 2019 (The Top 10 “Swingin’ West” Songs of 2010)

Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross
Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross

The Top 10 “Swingin’ West” Songs of 2010

10- I’m a Texas Boy- Jerry D. Hobbs (CD- Keepin’ it Country)
9- What I Like About Texas- Marshall Ford Swing Band (CD- It’s About Dam Time)
8- Tacos, Enchliadas and Beans- Buck Pizzarelli & West Texas Tumbleweeds (Arbors) (CD- Diggin’ Up Bones)
7- Don’t Let the Devil Dance- The Captains Crew (CPC) (CD- The Captains Crew)

6- Over the Hill- River Road Boys (Vocal- Jim Johnson) (Buzzard Roost) (CD- Houston)
5- Night Coach Out of Dallas- Jake Hooker (Startex) (CD- Lost Along the Way)
4- Lonestar Ladies- Ray Sanders (Hillside) (CD- Funny How Time Slips Away)

3- That’s What I Call Cookin’- Carolyn Martin (Java Jive) (CD- Cookin’ With Carolyn)
2- California Mountains- The Stardust Cowboys (CD- Ridin’ Back to You)
1- Oklahoma- 1955- Les Gilliam (Lunacy) (CD- Oklahoma- 1955)

Western Concert
Ballad of Tom Horn- Richard Martin (CD- Morning Coffee)
The Dying Cowboy of Rimrock Ranch- Don Edwards (WJR/Shanachie) (2CD- Last of the Troubadours)
Shenandoah- Don Sulesky (CD- Shenandoah)

Texas Dance Hall Time
Borrowed Angel- Mike Sweeney (CD- Thanks!)
It’s the Cheatin’ She Loves- Jody Nix (Hillside) (CD- Twin Fiddles Turn Me On)
Face to the Wall- Darrell McCall & Justin Trevino (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Essential)
That’s Why There’s Honky Tonks in Texas- Chuck Cusimano (West Texas Country) (CD- Compilation #25)
Faded Love- Texas Sand (CD- Texas Sand)