Swingin’ West October 13, 2019 (Songs Written by the Artist)

Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross
Swingin' West - DJ Mike Gross

Songs Written by the Artist

Harvest Moon- Great Recession Orchestra of Fort Worth, TX (CD- Have You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown?)
Where the Devil Did I Get a Little Angel Like You- Chuck Cusimano (Cusimusico) (CD- Swing Me a Song)
Sunset Over the Heartland- Curt Shoemaker (Lunacy) (CD- Sunset Over the Heartland)

Starry Night in the Valley- Oregon Valley Boys (CD- All Roads Lead to Howell Prairie)
Big Yellow Moon- Nancy Thorwardson (IG) (CD- Something in the Air)
Dining Out- Sweethearts in Carharts (Vocal- Jean Prescott) (CD- Ranch Life 101)

Western Swing Do Pop
September in the Rain- Brady Bowen (Vocal- Joe Paul Clark) (WTC) (CD- In My Spare Time Vol. 6)
Old Fashioned Love- Western Lights (CD- Favorites of Ours)
San Francisco- Gene Jones (Gene Jones Music) (CD- Steel Guitar)

Theme- Western Concert
Calf Ropin’ Son-of-a-Gun- Susie Knight (Rockin’ Double “D”) (CD- Western Wordsmith)
A Million Miles from Home- Trails & Rails (CD- Ghosts of Tombstone)
On My Way Home- Chance Carter (CD- The Last Desperado)

Doggin’ the Strings- The Lobo Rangers (Old Coot) (CD- Campfire Music- Best of the Early Years 1990-1995)
Worn Out Love Affair- Lil’ Linn & the Lookout Boys (Enviken) (Swedish Import) (CD- Sharpshooting Gal)
I’m Gonna Drive- Cornell Hurd Band (Behemoth) (CD- A Bad Year for Love)
Faded Love- Damian Green (CD- Fiddle Boy)