Swinging Country April 04, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country April 04, 2020
Swinging Country April 04, 2020

Howdy Friends well here we are stuck at home what to do on Saturday morning May I suggest you tune into some great music and enjoy it. But be warned along the way your emotions memory and mind will get a lot of exercise and stimulation! If you are with your spouse you will likely be moved to Dance as well I’ll kick things off with David Cline and Welcome you in. Then we will hear from Brady Bowen & Swing Country with Leon Rausch on the vocal followed by Young Artist Jack Phillips, Leddy Taylor Bragg, Emily George. Next group has Kim W. Blakey, Buddie Hraball, Chuck Cusimano. Moving Western Jill & Allen Kirkham, Bob Marshall, Kristyn Harris. Onward we have Confederate Railroad, Marty Haggard, Gary P. Nunn. Next up a Double Double featuring Dennis Paul Ledbetter then Carl Vaughan.

The remainder of the Show is of a Serious nature as we remember and pay tribute to the Country Music Legends we lost just this last weekend. Jan Howard @ 91. Marty Martel @ 81 and Joe Diffie @ 61 I’ll include Three Songs from each Artist in memory. The last one with Joe Diffie will be a Duet with his Aunt Dawn Anita Plumlee who is a Dear friend to Swinging Country and I’ve been honored to World Radio Premiere much of her music. After these three sad tributes an very appropriate tune from Kenneth Goldsmith.
Then as promised last week I have quite a Testament to share in regards to How last weeks World Radio Premiere Gospel song came to happen. It is a interesting event showing Gods timing. Don’t miss hearing it and the Song and I have a excellent follow up song to pair it with from Craig Murphy. Closing out with one of my Favorite Musical and Personal Heroes Lucy Dean Record with Jimmy Burson on Vocal a Beautiful Gospel song.
Folks please feel free to share this post anywhere you think it would be appreciated and Welcome. Invite your friends to listen as well and Join Dena Wood and myself on My Personal Facebook Timeline for SWING – BACK watch participate Fellowship there as we ALL Listen together! Till then May God Bless You and Yours Be Safe and Keep Swinging Country—

Song 1 Good Ole Country Music and Western Swing David Cline 2:57
VT 1 Welcome 53 Sec.
2 Maidens Prayer Brady Bowen – Leon Rausch vocal 3:26 L “Leon”
3 Red Wing Jack Phillips 2:50
4 Texas Is Calling Me Home Leddy Bragg 2:58 L
5 I’m Back Texas Emily George 2:28
VT 2 Back Sell Promise to Leon – KYLITOS I2I Pro 53 Sec.
6 Dancin’ On Daddy’s Boots Kim Blakey 3:11 L
7 Blue Skirt Waltz Buddie Hrabal 3:43
8 San Antonio Waltz Chuck Cusimano L
VT 3 Back Sell NDX Pro 2:15
9 Muckin Out Stalls Allen & Jill Kirkham 2:46
10 Old Horse Barn Bob Marshall 4:21 L
11 Old School Kristyn Harris 3:27 L
VT 4 NDX – Co. Line – Coyote Pro 2:34
12 She Took It Like A Man Confederate Railroad 2:44
13 Sing Me Back Home Marty Haggard 2:46
14 Back In The Swing Of Things Gary P. Nunn 1:57
VT 5 Coyote – Hometown Tire 2:49 L Becky Justice
15 Opposite Walls Dennis Ledbetter 3:46
16 I remember Dennis Ledbetter 3:03 L
17 After The Loving Carl Vaughan 3:10
18 You Are My Rainbow Carl Vaughan 2:30 L
VT 6 Last Weekend in Country Music 1:40
Play Obituary from Spring Hill Funeral Home Jan Howard
19 Evil On Your Mind Jan Howard 2:13
20 When We Tried Jan Howard 2:27
21 My Son Jan Howard 3:04