Swinging Country April 18, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country April 18, 2020
Swinging Country April 18, 2020

Howdy Y’ALL
Let’s Swing right out with Asleep At The Wheel Leon Rausch on the vocal. Then I’ll Welcome ya in and play Billy Mata, Rocky King, Brad Howard. Next grouping features New Music from Tony Booth, Frankie Miller, Amber Digby Lindley & Moe Bandy. Then it’s a Double spin from Marty Haggard, Gary P. Nunn, Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley. Next we Honor Heroes featuring Actual Heroes Bill Weaver, Keith Phillips, James Darden. Onward in Hopes of being able to Attend Rodeos soon a Double spin from Kenneth Goldsmith.
Then I’ll Shift gears in anticipation of The Inaugural Cowtown Birthplace of Western Swing Festival I’ll spin one from Landon Dodd & The Dancehall Drifters and going deep into the Vault one from Adolph Hofner & his Texans. Then the monthly edition of In The Trenches with Mike / Michael Markwardt Co Founder. Followed by Tune Wranglers, Jake Hooker, Kristyn Harris. Then William Grady Banister / Will Banister, Bobby Marquez. Then comes a Female group Karen Bell Spradlin, Kerry Fearon, Kristi Kalyn.
On to a Fun grouping with a bit of a a theme with Jeff Dugan, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Benny Pitsinger with a tune penned by Dee Desaire. Closing out with an Instrumental from Brady Bowen & Swing Country.

SWING CAST NEWS FLASH NEXT WEEK MY Bob Wills Day Tribute Tradition Lives! Of course The 49th Annual Bob Wills Day is Postponed till October 8 – 10 But both The Bob Wills Foundation and I feel the Need to make Sure Us Bob Wills Fans are as Consoled as possible so Not only is Swinging Country as Always Last Saturday in April Bob Wills Tribute but Rickey Hughes President of The Foundation has informed us they will be featuring several Special Events on there Facebook Page Bob Wills Day Turkey Texas Make certain if you have not already done so to like the Page to enjoy as much as possible! And I am Now Announcing they Will Broadcast The Bob Wills Story Bought to you by Billy Bowles Swinging Country KSSL, Bobby Newton & Dena Wood indiexpress NDX, Rickey Hughes & The Bob Wills Foundation Turkey Texas. Time to be Announced! Please share this post anywhere it is Welcomed. Join us During Swinging Country for SWING – BACK on My Personal Facebook Timeline for Fellowship fun and pictures! Till Then Be Safe and May God Bless You and Yours Keep Swinging Country—

Song 1 ALL Night Long AATW Leon Rausch Vocal 3:07 L
VT 1 Welcome I2I Pro 1:37
2 Stay A Little Longer Billy Mata TD Vol 1 2:53 L
3 Dark Lighted Bar Rooms Rocky King 2:40
4 It Don’t Feel Wrong Brad Howard 3:02
VT2 I2I NDX Pro 2:11
5 Nothing Seems To Work Anymore Tony Booth 3:36
6 You’re In My Heart Frankie Miller 2:17
7 Soft Lights & Hard Country Music Amber Digby & Moe Bandy 2:51
VT 3 NDX Kylito’s Coyote Pro 3:08
8 I’m A Lonesome Fugitive Marty Haggard 3:02
9 Mama’s Hungry Eyes Marty Haggard 3:28
10 Road Trip Gary P Nunn 3:51
11 Just Good Ol’ Boys Moe Bandy Joe Stampley 2:32 L
VT 4 Back Sell – Coyote – Hometown Tire – Heroes 3:44
12 When You’re A Truck Driving Man Bill Weaver 3:27
13 He’s A Fire Fighter Keith Phillips 3:48
14 Men In Blue James Darden 2:58
VT 5 Back Sell 1:19
15 Rodeo Man Ken Goldsmith 3:48
16 Cowboys Ain’t Supposed To Cry Ken Goldsmith 2:37
VT 6 Mudrock 2:00
17 Perfect Stranger Landon Dodd 3:02 L
18 Jessie Polka Adolph Hofner 2:39
Interview – In The Trenches with Mike Markwardt 9:47
19 EL Rancho Grande Tune Wranglers 2:55
20 Born To Love You Jake Hooker 2:15 L
21 Musician Standard Time Kristyn Harris 3:12 L
VT 7 Next Week Bob Wills Day Tribute Show Swinging Country. Turkey plans. Co Line, 3:31
22 If I Had Time Will Banister 4:13 L
23 Overtime Bobby Marquez 2:52 L
VT 8 34 sec.
24 One Kind of Smoke Karen Spradlin 2:35
25 Good At Leaving Kerry Fearon 3:23
26 I Just Get Leaving Kristi Kalyn 2:37
VT 9 30 sec
27 That Ol’ Truck Jeff Dugan 3:24
28 If You Drive Me To Drinking Dennis Ledbetter 3:04 L
29 Intoxified Benny Pitsinger 3:14
VT 10 Generic Instrumental 7 sec.
VT 11 Close 21 sec.
Keep Swinging Country—