Swinging Country February 08, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country February 08, 2020
Swinging Country February 08, 2020

Howdy Friends & Fans things are really heating up as so many events coming are coming up and very soon and Festivals every one and I Do mean EVERY ONE please understand it becomes even more of a juggling act than normal. Please get out and Support these Artist and Events you Love! This week Starts off Swinging with Garry Ash. Then we will hear from Doug Stone, Jade Brooks = Jade Jack, then Moe Bandy & Janie Fricke, We will promote upcoming Dances and Events at the World Famous Stagecoach Ballroom Fort Worth Including the 7th Annual Billy Bowles Swinging Country & AWA Pre Awards Jam quickly taking shape! Next we hear from Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, Tommy Hooker, Carl Vaughan find um @ I2I Records. A sample of what to expect at Becky Justice Ford’s Legendary Coyote Country Store up next featuring Eddy Raven, Will Banister, Cathy Jewell Long. Next Kenneth Goldsmith with a Double Spin Proprietor of Mudrock Studio and Mudsmith. Followed next by a sampling of who & what you will hear at The Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas in La Grange Texas in March. With Elizabeth-Justin Trevino, Rocky King Band, Jake Hooker. My Event contacts for BLCG are Jon Quinn & Paula Evone Jungmann. Then we’ll have a double spin from Zane & Terry Wood. As we build up and prepair for the Inaugural Festival Cowtown Birthplace of Western Swing we will hear from Rick Norcross & The ALL Star Ramblers, Have our Monthly feature on the Event In the Trenches With Mike Michael Markwardt as we discuss developments with the Festival and More! After the visit hear a femore of the Event Performers Kristyn Harris, Lisa Layne Stewart, Billy Mata. As we Gear up for the 24th Annual Academy of Western Artist Awards I’ll Spin the Top 5 Artist up for Pure Country Male Chuck Cusimano, Steve Griggs, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Darrell McCall, Lonnie Spiker.I’ll finish out the show with Inspirational tunes from Leslie Tom, Brady Bowen.
Next week will naturally have a lot of Love related Songs! Don’t forget to Join Dena Wood & I and Fans from every where during the show on my Personal Timeline BILLY BOWLES as you listen for pictures conversation and fun as you listen. Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country–


Song 1 Swing Me Back Home Garry Ash 3:06 L
VT 1 Welcome Back Sell last week. Stagecoach Promo 2:02
Song 2 Warning Labels Doug Stone 3:21
Song 3 I Can’t Help It If He Can’t Stop Loving Me Jade Jack 2:31
Song 4 It’s A Chitin’ Situation Moe Bandy & Janie Fricke 2:38 L
VT 2 Back Sell. Hard Sell Stagecoach. I2I Promo 2:40
Song 5 San Antonio Waltz Chuck Cusimano 3:03 L
Song 6 Waltz Of The Wine Tommy Hooker 2:53
Song 7 Turn To The Wine Carl Vaughn 3:19 L
VT 3 Back Sell. I2I, Jam Information. Coyote Promo. 1:41
Song 8 In A Letter To You Eddy Raven 3:10
Song 9 Fiddle Man Will Banister 4:11 L
Song 10 I’m A Fighter Cathy Jewell 2:50 L
VT 4 Coyote Hard Sell. KYLITOS 3:37
Song 11 The Mansion You Stole Ken Goldsmith 3:03
Song 12 Fourteen Carat Mind Ken Goldsmith 2:36
VT 5 Mudrock, Mudsmith, BLCG Promo 2:23
Song 13 Tribute To Kitty Wells Justin Trevino 3:07
Song 14 Play The Saddest Song On The Jukebox Rocky King 2:40
Song 15 Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy Jake Hooker 2:56 L
VT 6 Best Little Cowboy Gathering Hard Sell. 3:35
Song 16 Boot Hill Drag Terry & Zane Wood 2:50
Song 17 Highway Forty Blues Terry & Zane Wood 3:00
VT 7 Back Sell Hometown Tire 1:41
Song 18 I Love Western Swing Rick & The Ramblers 3:33 L “One that mentions Kylitos & Lone Star Beer.
Interview Mike Markwardt
Song 19 Cows Around Kristyn Harris 4:18 L
Song 20 Turn Around Lisa Layne 3:16 L
Song 21 The Kind Of Love I Can’t Forget Billy Mata 2:30 L
VT 8 CBWS & Co Line 1:37 AWA Pure Country Top 5 Males
Song 22 Nashville Runaround Chuck Cusimano 3:46 L
Song 23 Daddy Liked Lefty Haggard and Jones Steve Griggs 3:20
Song 24 That Ain’t Country Dennis Ledbetter 3:05 L
Song 25 Set Me Down Where Country Music Plays Darrell McCall 3:18
Song 26 I’ve Had Better Days Lonnie Spiker 4:00
VT 9 intro 8 Sec.
Song 27 Proverbs 3 : 5 Leslie Tom 3:56
VT 10 Generic Gospel Instrumental 10 Sec.
VT 11 Close