Swinging Country February 15, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country February 15, 2020
Swinging Country February 15, 2020

Howdy Fans & Friends in true Swinging Country fashion the goal is to strike the Real True emotions and feelings within you be it past or present even Dreams & Hope for the future yes the Power of Music 🙂 I’ll Swing it right out with my friend the late great Western Swing Legend & Vocalist Leon Rausch. Kenneth Goldsmith. A Grouping from Kent Gill, Dennis Paul Ledbetter, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano, A Double spin from Moe Bandy. Followed by John Conlee, Johnny Lee. Then three lovely AWA ladies with Top 5 Nominations we will hear from Lisa Layne Stewart, Dawn Anita Plumlee, Sparkling Cathy Jewell. Changing gears up comes Eddy Raven, Smiling Bobby Marquez, Gary P. Nunn. Next I’ll take you back in time a bit as I often say Good Music Never Has An Expiration Date. With The Chief of The Cherokee Cowboys Ray Price, The Silver Fox Charlie Rich, George Strait, memory joggers I referred up top. Next is more of todays Independent Artist keeping it REAL!!! Hear Jake Penrod, Will Banister, Coby Carter, Billy Mata.Then Lorraine Chavana, Brad Howard, Sandy Paramore, Brady Bowen & Swing Country with Gilbert Prather on vocal. Ending show out on very serious notes with a Double Spin from Tim Atwood, James Darden.
A few Notes to add feel free to share away with this post to any interested parties especially those who sadly believe that REAL Traditional Country Music is Dead & Gone due to “Mainstream” Brainwashing! And those who know better and Love to hear it.
Also You are invited to join Dena Wood & I along with you never know who else on MY Personal Billy Bowles Facebook timeline for SWING – BACK For conversation friendship & fellowship from other fans through out the World!
A Big Thanks to our Sponsors
Mudsmith Drilling Fluids Co. & Mudrock Studio Kenneth Goldsmith
Greg Irvin I2I Records
Stagecoach Ballroom Kiran Desai & Jean Czajkowski
KYLITOS Salsa Co. Joanne Lancaster, Tracye Fowlkes Lancaster
Radisson Hotel Fort Worth, TX Alan Small
Becky Justice Ford, Rika Copeland Law The Legendary Coyote Country Store.
The Best Little Cowboy Gathering in Texas Jon Quinn, Paula Evone Jungmann.
Hometown Tire Justin Gregory, Jake Gregory
County Line Electric Jackie Tannery
As always Please have Pen and Paper ready for information you need. Have a Wonderful Valentines Weekend every one 🙂 May God Bless You and Yours! Keep Swinging Country—


Song 1 Old Fashion Love 3:14 L
VT 1 Welcome Hometown Tire, Mudsmith 2:29
Song 2 A Brush With Love Ken Goldsmith 2:30
Song 3 ALL The Time Ken Goldsmith 2:41
VT 2 Mudrock I2I Promo 2:03
Song 4 Love Don’t Just Happen Kent Gill 2:58
Song 5 I Remember Dennis Ledbetter 3:00 L
Song 6 Reason Enough Chuck Cusimano 3:17 L
Song 7 It Was Me Moe Bandy 3:08
Song 8 Lucky Me Moe Bandy 3:25 L
VT 3 I2I Stagecoach tonight & upcoming 3:19
Song 9 I’m Only In It For The Love John Conlee 3:13
Song 10 Bet Your Heart On Me Johnny Lee 2:46
VT 4 Stagecoach Hard Sell Coachmen, KYLITOS. 7th Annual AWA Pre Awards Jam info. Radisson. 5:06
Song 11 It’s Your Love Lisa Layne 2:51 L
Song 12 One More Last Chance Dawn Anita 3:36 L
Song 13 You And Me Cathy Jewell 3:10 L
VT 5 Back Sell Jams Coyote Promo 2:03
Song 14 You’re Never Too Old For Young Love Eddy Raven 2:39
Song 15 She’s Not From Texas Smilein’ Bobby Marquez 3:08 L
Song 16 A Two Step Away Gary P Nunn 3:35
VT 6 Coyote Hard Sell 2:31
Song 17 Your The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me Ray Price 3:45
Song 18 Behind Closed Doors Charlie Rich 2:53
Song 19 We Must Be Living Right George Strait 3:31
VT 7 Back Sell. Country Line. BLCG Promo 2:52
Song 20 A Bright Red Indian Paint Brush 2:13
Song 21 Lucky Man Will Banister 3:21 L
Song 22 True Love Ways Coby Carter 3:42 L
Song 23 Macon Georgia Love Billy Mata 3:30 L
VT 8 BLCG Hard Sell. 2:25
Song 24 Free To Love Lorraine Chavana 3:11
Song 25 First Time We Danced Brad Howard 3:41
Song 26 I Just Fall In Love Again Sandy Paramore 2:46
Song 27 Still A Lot of Love In San Antone Brady Bowen & Swing Country Gil Prather Vocal 2:37 L
VT 9 Back Sell. Introduce 1:20
Song 28 I Love You Tim Atwood 3:59 L
Song 29 What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana Tim Atwood 4:17
Song 30 God Made An Angel Today James Darden 4:13
VT 10 Generic Instrumental 5 Sec.
VT 11 Close 17 Sec.