Swinging Country June 06, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country June 06
Swinging Country June 06

Howdy Friends I will began with a message for Jim Stephens in Hartford KY followed by Peter Ward & The Lone Pine Western Swing Band, Kristyn Harris, Doug Farrier Figgs & Mikki Daniel-Provence, Abby Payne. Then the Monthly edition of AWA Corner with Dena Wood have pen and paper ready for News! Next hear Tom Blizzard, Sam Smith, Scott Southworth, on to Kenneth Goldsmith. Marty Howard Chambers, Lonnie Spiker, Albert Leon Payne, Then leading into a segment a song I World Radio Premiered two weeks back from Steve Markwardt & Michael Markwardt into a Visit with Elizabeth Van Hersh about the Circle Bar Ranch Music Camp! Then a Double spin from Brady Bowen & Swing Country featuring Leon Rausch. Next Group from Heroes Honoring there Professions hear Bill Weaver, Keith Phillips, James Darden, Larry Clark. After those powerful songs in response to everything going on throughout our Nation in advance of Flag Day I feel we should remember what out Nation Stands for and why we Stand for the Flag and have it laid forth in music from Tim Atwood, Neal McCoy, Keith Phillips, Jo-el Ulmer & LeAnne Smith Ulmer = 2 Country 4 Nashville, Lucy Dean Record with Jimmy Burson on vocal.
Kent Gill. And as always time runs out before we know it. As always feel free to share this post. Don’t forget to join Dena Wood and I as you listen to the Broadcast for SWING – BACK join in the action make friends and just have fun. Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—

VT 1 Welcome last week for Jim Stephens – Hometown Tire
Song 1 Deep Water Peter Ward
2 Yodel Western Swing Kristyn Harris
3 Texas Plains Doug Figgs & Miki Daniel
4 Jingle Bob Music Abby Payne
Interview Dena Wood
5 Ain’t No Honkytonkin Tom Blizzard
6 The Way You Make Me Feel Sam L Smith
7 Brown Liquor Scott Southworth
VT2 Kylitos Mudsmith
8 Hank and Lefty Ken G
9 Back Home Again Ken G
VT 3 Mudrock, Coyote, I2I Pro
10 Wrapped In Misery Marty Howard Chambers
11 Some Hurtin to Do Lonnie Spiker
12 Change Her Mind Albert Leon Payne

13 They Put The Western Into Western Swing Steve Markwardt
Interview Elizabeth Van Hersh Music Camp
14 South Brady Bowen Leon Rausch has Jess Meador
15 Sugar Moon Brady Bowen & Leon
VT 4 Back Sell – Heroes
16 Life Of A Truck Driver Bill Weaver
17 He’s A Fire Fighter Keith Phillips
18 Men In Blue James Darden
19 Soldiers Lament Larry M Clarck
VT 6 Back Sell County Line
20 I’ll Stand Up And Say So Tim Atwood
21 Take A Knee My Ass Neal McCoy
22 When Old Glory Passes By Keith Phillips
23 God Bless America Again 2C4N
24 A Closer Walk With Thee Lucy Dean Record
25 God’s Got Everything Under Control Kent Gill