Swinging Country June 20, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

Swinging Country June 20
Swinging Country June 20

Howdy everyone I’ll began with a Real Classic from Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies into a Visit with Michael Markwardt and Jody Nix for another edition of In The Trenches. after our visit a Tune from Jody Nix. Next grouping comes from Greg Irvin’s I2I Records songs from Brock Stevens, Bob Corley, Kim W. Blakey, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano. Next group will come from NDXPRESS1 from Steve Griggs, Kenny Rowe, Bob Marshall, Chuck Cusimano. Then Kenneth Goldsmith. Coming to Gail, TX Becky Justice Ford’s Coyote Country Store is next group starting with this Saturday nights Headliner Chad Cooke Band & then coming soon Shenandoah, A Double Spin from LeAnne Smith Ulmer & Jo-el Ulmer = 2 Country 4 Nashville. Followed by Classics a Double Spin from Red Sovine. Then Jimmy Dean. After which hear Randy C Moore, Donna Richard Lynch, Keith Phillips.
Finishing show out with Kelly Spinks, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Loretta Lynn, Georgette Lennon. Finishing with a Funny from 2 C 4 N. I hope that I included something for every one as there are many different life situations.
Every one stay safe I wish ALL Dads a Blessed Fathers Day. Please share this post and join Dena Woodand Me Billy B on my Personal Facebook timeline for SWING – BACK for fun fellowship and pictures as you enjoy the show. Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—

VT 1 Welcome. – Hometown Tire, – CBWS Pro.
Song 1 Beautiful Texas Milton Brown
Interview In The Trenches With Mike Markwardt and Jody Nix
Song 2 Mama Was The Rose of San Antone Jody Nix
3 Dear Daddy Brock Stevens
4 Daddy’s Home Bob Corley
5 Dancin On Daddy’s Boots Kim Blackey
6 Blink of An Eye Chuck Cusimano
VT 3 I2I Records, – NDX Pro
7 Daddy Wore A John B. Stetson Hat Steve Griggs
8 Letter From My Daddy Kenny Rowe
9 Fathers Day Bob Marshall
10 Heaven’s On The Other Side Of Town Chuck Cusimano
VT 4 NDX, – County Line, – Mudrock
11 Dream Your Dreams Son Ken Goldsmith
VT 5 Mudsmith. – Country Line, – Coyote Country Store Pro.
12 Oil Man Chad Cooke Band
13 Daddy’s Little Man Shenandoah

14 Watching Daddy 2 C 4 N
15 A Bible and A Belt 2 C 4 N
VT 6 Coyote. Classics
16 Giddy Up Go Red Sovine
17 Daddy’s Girl Red Sovine
18 To A Sleeping Beauty Jimmy Dean
VT 7 Back Sell. Circle Bar Ranch Music Camp
Song Intro Randy C. Moore
19 Pa Randy C. Moore
20 Daddy’s Words Richard Lynch
21 Things My Daddy Told Me Keith Phillips
VT 8 Back Sell. Intro
22 Two Dollar Toy Kelly Spinks
23 He Didn’t Have To Be Brad Paisley
24 A Father’s Love George Strait
25 They Don’t Make Um Like My Daddy Any More Loretta Lynn
26 You And Me And Time Georgette Jones
VT 9
27 The Big One 2 C 4 N