Swinging Country Sep 26, 2020(The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country)

The Best Western Swing And Traditional Country

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Swinging Country Sep 26

Howdy to ALL this will be lengthy but please take a moment & read if your are a Fan of Swinging Country. I’ll get it Swinging with Garry Ash, Hallmark Steve Markwardt, Hallmark Chuck Cusimano. Next group is by request for Yodelin’ Cowgirls so I have Lori Beth Wisian-Brooke, Mikki Daniel, Kristyn Harris. Next Cowboys Allen & Jill Kirkham, Gil Prather, Rex Allen Jr. Next a trip to the Moon with Chuck Cusimano, Garry Ash, Cathy Jewell, Moving on I have Vanessa Bourne, Dennis Stroughmatt, Alicia Summers McLeod & Jerry Collins, Then I change gears as we in the World of Western Swing remember Barbara Martin known as The First Lady of Western Swing I began as before when it first was Broadcast 3/9/19 with a Tune from the late great Johnny Gimble then I had a Visit with Barbara just Days before her receiving The Coveted Lifetime Achievement Award from The Academy of Western Artist. It was a very interesting visit ALL who knew Barbara will want to hear coming out of it as before with a Song from Leon Rausch followed by Tommy Thomsen. Two Spotlight Featured Artist this week First Jake Hooker followed by Jody Nix hear tunes from bot and we will visit about The 49th Annual Bob Wills Day Celebration in Turkey, Texas and more! Closing out with tunes from Billy Mata also Jason Roberts. Many of you on my playlist who have up until recently I would Tag in the body of this message facebook isn’t pulling you up! As for me here’s a Fact Check for ya I am NOT Happy with the new Facebook PERIOD!!! Don’t forget to join Dena Wood & I during the Broadcast for SWING – BACK as you listen for Fun Pictures Fellowship and Friendship on My Personal Billy Bowles Facebook Timeline as always have Pen and Paper ready! Till then May God Bless You and Yours 🙂 Keep Swinging Country—