T. G. Sheppard performs “Somewhere Down the Line” at the Showboat Casino at Atlantic City 1988.

Arrived at number # 9 on the lists of US Hot Country Singles, and number # 5 of the lists of Canadian country tracks.

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Somewhere Down the Line:

LP cover T.G Sheppard ( Warner Curb 1983 )
LP cover T.G Sheppard( Warner Curb 1983 )

Song written by Lewis Anderson & Casey Kelly, was recorded by T.G. Sheppard, for the Warner Bros./Curb label, was recorded in June 1983 in Nashville, TN, on the recording was accompanied by T.G. Sheppard (vocals), Paul Worley (acoustic guitar & vocal back), Steve Gibson (guitar), Weldon Myrick (steel), Joe Osborn (bass), Eddie Bayers (drums), Dennis Burnside (piano), Mitch Humphries (piano), Dennis Wilson, Don Gant (bck vcl), Deborah Allen, Dennis Wilson (vocal back). With the production of Jim Ed Norman. On August 18, 1984, it reached number # 3 on the US Hot Country Songs charts, and on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks charts, it reached number # 5.

The song was included on the album in Sheppard’s eleventh studio album, Slow Burn (Warner / Curb), on the US Top Country Albums charts, it reached number # 17.

The first release of the song, was in January 1983 and was released by the brothers James & Michael Younger, in January 1983, was included on the album of but, James & Michael Younger (MCA 1983).

T. G. Sheppard – Somewhere Down the Line Lyrics

i know who you belong to .
from the way that he holds you, but im getting the feeling .
you could be mine.
that is not the time of place, and theres not telling me .
from the look you gave to me .
we shouldn’t meet again .
some other place, some other time .
we will be together, somewhere down the line
theres not use to pretending, how this night will be ending .
youll be leaving together .
ill go home alone .
but my heart tells

Single T.G Sheppard ( Warner Curb 1983 )
Single T.G Sheppard ( Warner Curb 1983 )

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