Tex Williams: The Capitol Years 1946-51

Tex Williams CD Cover
Tex Williams CD Cover

Tex Williams: The Capitol Years 1946-51

Tex Williams

Late in 2019, hot on the heels of its Spade Cooley and Jimmy Wakely CD sets, the Acrobat label released a 2 CD set of the “singles” (both A and B sides) Tex Williams recorded for the Capitol label between 1946 and 1951. The collection includes all of the 13 hits Tex recorded for Capitol during this period, including “Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette),” but if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Tex Williams fan, you’ll be particularly interested in the other sides, i.e. those less well-known and harder to find.

After parting company with Spade Cooley in 1946, Tex’s big break came with the introduction of his talking blues style in 1947. But he was doing quite well, right out of the chutes, with “The California Polka” (Capitol released a 78rpm album of his polkas), “I Got Texas in My Soul” and “Leaf of Love.” At the same time, Cooley’s record label held onto sides that had been recorded when Tex was still Cooley’s featured vocalist, and released them after Tex had formed his own band. So, for a while, Tex was competing with himself on two different record labels!

The 23 page booklet accompanying this 54 song collection includes information on the recording sessions and a lengthy narrative by Paul Watts regarding Tex’s career. While all of his “top 15” hits during this period are included, the set doesn’t include all of his recordings, but there’s plenty to enjoy. Widely available online or from your favorite mail order sources.

O.J Sikes

The California Polka (Capitol 302) 1946
Rose of the Alamo (Capitol 302) 1946
I Got Texas in My Soul (Capitol 333) 1946
The Leaf of Love (Capitol 333) 1946
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) (Capitol Americana 400
Roundup Polka (Capitol Americana 40001) 1947
Big Bass Polka (Capitol Americana 48008/40183) 1947
Cowboy Polka (Capitol Americana 48008/40183) 1947
Miss Molly (Capitol Americana 48006) 1947
That’s What I Like About the West (Capitol Americana 40031)
Downtown Poker Club (Capitol Americana 40031) 1947
Never Trust a Woman (Capitol Americana 40054) 1947
What It Means to Be Blue (Capitol Americana 40054) 1947
Don’t Telephone, Don’t Telegraph, Tell a Woman (Capitol Amer
Blue As a Heart Ache (Capitol Americana 40081) 1948
Artistry in Western Swing (Capitol Americana 40095) 1948
Happy Birthday Polka (Capitol Americana 40095) 1948
Suspicion (Capitol Americana 40109) 1948
Flo from St. Joe Mo (Capitol Americana 40109) 1948
Banjo Polka (Capitol 15101) 1948
Pretty Red Lights (Capitol 48009/40184/15101) 1947
Who? Me? (Capitol 15113) 1948
Foolish Tears (Capitol 15113) 1948
Just a Pair of Blue Eyes (Capitol 15175) 1948
Talking Boogie (Capitol 15175) 1948
Life Gets Tee-jus, Don’t It? (Capitol 15271) 1948
Big Hat Polka (Capitol 15271) 1948

CD 2
The Traveling Salesman Polka Jo Stafford with (Capitol 15312
Old Paint’s Complaint (Capitol 15321) 1948
Hurry, Don’t Delay (Capitol 15321) 1948
I Cried Myself to Sleep (Capitol 15398) 1949
You Broke Your Promise (Capitol 15398) 1949
Castle of My Dreams (Capitol 40159) 1949
Johnstown Polka (Capitol 40159) 1949
Ham and Eggs (Capitol 40194) 1949
A & E Rag (Capitol 40203) 1949
Rakes of Mallow (Capitol 40203) 1949
Hot Pretzels (Capitol 40206) 1949
Cotton Eyed Joe (Capitol 40206) 1949
Bluebird on Your Window Sill (Capitol 40225) 1949
Crocodile Tears (Capitol 40253) 1949
The Winter Song (Capitol 40253) 1949
With men Who Know Tobacco Best (It’s Women Two to One) (Capi
Three Little Girls in Blue (Capitol 40276) 1950
Great Big Needle (Capitol 1006) 1950
Birmingham Bounce (Capitol 1006) 1950
Wild Card (Capitol 1166) 1950
Don’t Make Love to Mary (Capitol 1345) 1950
Tulsa Trot (Capitol 1398) 1951
She Didn’t Even Kiss Me Goodbye (Capitol 1398) 1951
I Lost My Gal from Memphis (Capitol 1475) 1951
Good Night Cincinnati (Capitol 1540) 1951
Black Strap Molasses (Wheat Germ Bread) (Capitol 1700) 1951
I Want to Be Near You (You’re the One, the One) (Capitol 179