The Curio Cowboys – Room in Your Heart 2019

The Curio Cowboys - Room in Your Heart 2019 ( Cover CD )
The Curio Cowboys - Room in Your Heart 2019 ( Cover CD )

The Curio Cowboys
Room in Your Heart

Historically “deep emotional involvement” in selling the words of Western Swing has never been a particular priority with its most noted practitioners. The genre’s music comes with lyrics that basically shore up any excuse to have a dance. In other words, it’s all for fun. And in keeping with the historical effect…more than any swing organization I am aware of…the Curio Cowboys are a living full-fidelity 78 RPM record. Who better, as part of their Western Swing Songbook series, to resurrect “The Songs Of Wiley (Williams) and Gene (Sullivan)?!” Picks include “Kansas City Blues,” “Live & Let Live,” “Make Room In Your Heart For Friend,” “Variations On ‘Rubber Dolly’” and a cover of Henry Clay Work’s “Grandfather’s Clock,” a piece closely associated with the duo.

Arrangements include all the seminal-style riffs you could ask for, particularly evident in the interweaving complexities of the instrumental bridges, with multiple players going for the gold, as it were! Give ‘er a try!

Thirteen tracks.

CD: (available through googling Curio Cowboys or Ruido Records). There is more info and notes on Wiley & Gene on the Curio Cowboys’ Facebook page.

Track List

I Want to Live and Love Always
Forgive Me
Live and Let Live
Grandfather’s Clock
Wednesday Night Waltz
Kansas City Blues
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
I Might Have Known
Don’t You Dare
Teardrop Waltz
Love Ain’t Worrying Me
Make Room in Your Heart for a Friend
Variations on Rubber Dolly