The Jimmy Wakely Collection***1940-53***. Review By Oj Sikes

Jimmy Wakely boxed set cover
Jimmy Wakely boxed set cover

The Jimmy Wakely Collection***1940-53***

Acrobat ACTRCD9083

Jimmy Wakely, The Rough Riders, Margaret Whiting

Rex Allen used to say that, in his opinion, Jimmy Wakely was the most underrated singer in Hollywood. You can hear the reasons Rex held Wakely in such high regard in this collection of 84 recordings, including all of his 24 hits and a variety of music (he was popular in the pop field as well as in the western and country genres). His Number 1 hits with Margaret Whiting are here, as are songs from his movie days, beginning with his 1940 recording of “Cimarron (Roll On)” with the Jimmy Wakely Trio, i.e. Dick Reinhart and Johnny Bond, who often called themselves the Rough Riders. The set includes movie song titles “Moon Over Montana,” “Oklahoma Blues” and “Song of the Sierras” (which was Jimmy’s personal favorite Wakely film and one Wesley Tuttle co-starred in), and an all-time favorite of many, composed by Smiley Burnette, “On the Strings of My Lonesome Guitar.”

Wakely had several radio shows and used more than one theme song for them. Smiley’s composition was used for a while, as were “At the Close of a Long, Long Day” and “Tellin’ My Troubles to My Old Guitar.” All these are here, as is some of Wakely’s fine Western swing as well as the Western and pop ballads he was so well-known for. In addition, there’s some seasonal material and lots of the outstanding recordings he made with Margaret Whiting, not only the No. 1 hits. Highly recommended! Widely available online or from your favorite mail order sources.

O.J Sikes
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Track Listing

CD 1
1. Cimarron Roll On (2:27)
2. Too Late (2:49)
3. I’ll Never Let You Go (2:10)
4. Gone & Left Me Blues (1:32)
5. There’s A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere (2:52)
6. Standing Outside Of Heaven (2:17)
7. I’m Sending You Red Roses (2:28)
8. You Can’t Break The Chains Of Love (& The Sunshine Girls) (2:56)
9. Somebody’s Rose (2:28)
10. Everybody Knew It But Me (3:03)
11. Too Many Sweethearts (2:29)
12. Song Of The Sierras (2:59)
13. Where The Moon Plays Peek-A-Boo (2:41)
14. Oklahoma Blues (2:31)
15. Signed, Sealed And Delivered (2:47)
16. Milk Cow Blues (2:47)
17. For The Sake Of Days Gone By (2:19)
18. One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) (2:48)
19. Walkin’ The Sidewalks Of Shame (3:04)
20. Mine All Mine (2:58)
21. I Love You So Much It Hurts (2:14)
22. Forever More (2:41)
23. Moon Over Montana (2:56)
24. Till The End Of The World (2:39)
25. Oklahoma Hills (2:48)
26. Someday You’ll Call My Name (& Velma Williams) (2:35)
27. I Wish I Had A Nickel (2:54)

CD 2
1. Tellin’ My Troubles To My Old Guitar (2:38)
2. Slippin’ Around (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:12)
3. Wedding Bells (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:40)
4. I‘ll Never Slip Around Again (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:04)
5. Six Times A Week And Twice On Sunday (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:08)
6. You’re Only In My Arms (2:53)
7. I Don’t Know Why I Love You (But I Do Do Do) (2:19)
8. Broken Down Merry-Go-Round (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:31)
9. The Gods Were Angry With Me (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:28)
10. Peter Cottontail (2:12)
11. Mr Easter Bunny (2:33)
12. Let’s Go To Church (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:27)
13. Why Do You Say Those Things’ (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:21)
14. Home Town Rag (2:07)
15. Fool’s Paradise (2:35)
16. Mona Lisa (2:45)
17. Steppin’ Out (2:36)
18. A Bushel And A Peck (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:00)
19. Beyond The Reef (feat. Margaret Whiting) (3:02)
20. Bandera Waltz (2:41)
21. Pot Of Gold (3:16)
22. Silver Bells (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:55)
23. My Heart Cries For You (2:54)
24. Music By The Angels (2:44)
25. Easter Parade (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:21)
26. At The Close Of A Long, Long Day (2:41)
27. Beautiful Brown Eyes (2:28)

CD 3
1. Do Ya Write A Letter To Your Sweetheart’ (2:29)
2. Till We Meet Again (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:14)
3. When You And I Were Young Maggie Blues (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:11)
4. Old Soldiers Never Die (2:10)
5. I Like The Wide Open Spaces (2:18)
6. Don’t Be Lonely (2:26)
7. Star Of Hope (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:46)
8. Another Fool Steps In (2:46)
9. The Solid South (2:16)
10. I Don’t Want To Be Free (2:34)
11. Each Step Of The Way (2:30)
12. Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon (2:13)
13. Keep A Light In Your Window Tonight (2:30)
14. Give Me More, More, More (feat. Margaret Whiting) (1:51)
15. Goodbye, Little Girl (with Les Baxter’s Orch. & Chorus) (2:35)
16. Just Because (2:03)
17. If You Would Only Be Mine (2:08)
18. There’s A Cloud In My Valley Of Sunshine (& Bob Hope) (2:05)
19. The Same Old Lovelight In Your Eyes (3:13)
20. I Went To Your Wedding (3:06)
21. Rainbow At Midnight (3:09)
22. Lorelei (2:38)
23. If You Knew What It Meant To Be Lonesome (2:21)
24. Gomen-Nasai (2:17)
25. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (2:17)
26. When Love Goes Wrong (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:26)
27. Too Late (2:49)
28. Thanks (2:29)
29. Tennessee Church Bells (feat. Margaret Whiting) (2:34)