The Swangers- A Tribute to Bob Wills. Review CD By Mike Gross.

The Swangers- A Tribute to Bob ( Cover CD )
The Swangers- A Tribute to Bob ( Cover CD )

The Swangers
A Tribute to Bob Wills

This Western Swing group has just released this new CD of 5 selections that spotlight their talents and that of the many wonderful musicians heard on this CD. The tunes include the Western Swing classics Right or Wrong from Milton Brown, San Antonio Rose and a medley of Faded Love-Maiden’s Prayer from Bob Wills, Kokomo Arnold’s Milk Cow Blues and from the pen of group fiddle player, Hyram Posey, the instrumental High Octane. The group also includes Lonnie Spiker doing vocals and playing guitar, Jerry Webb-guitar, Roger Lewis- bass, Kevin Kathey- drums, Marty Chambers- steel and Jamie Bowles- piano.

Also heard are the steel guitars of Billy Easton and Doug Jernigan. Eugene Moles also plays guitar and Mike Kennedy also plays drums. Gary Sadker also plays piano and Dennis Holt- drums. Curt Ryles plays guitar and bass, Dennis Wage plays piano and Nikki Nelson Welcher does backup vocals.

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