Western Music Time (08-12 April 2020),The best of Classic Western And Western Swing

western music time - DJ O.J Sikes
western music time - DJ O.J Sikes

Opening theme
Steel Guitar Rag – Noel Boggs w/Spade Cooley’s Orch
Cowboy Jubilee – Sons of the Pioneers
12 More Listeners Favorites
Ghost Train – Marty Robbins
Gunfight at OK Corral – Frankie Laine
Ballad of Paladin – Johnny Western
Streets of Laredo – Marty Robbins
Johnny Yuma, the Rebel – Johnny Cash
In the Lone Star State of Texas – Foy Willing
Tumbling Tumbleweeds – Sons of the Pioneers ‘59
Rodeo Cowboy – Rusty Richards
Over Nevada – Trudy Fair
Gunslinger – Frankie Laine
The Cowboy’s Song – Don Edwards
Arizona – Rex Allen, Jr
7 More of OJ’s favorite ballads
That’s Why I’ll Never Want to be Anything but a Cowboy –Sons of the San Joaquin
Lights of Old Santa Fe – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers
I Wonder if She Waits for Me Tonight – Sons of the Pioneers ‘41
Tumbleweed Trail – Sons of the Pioneers 60s
Mexicali Trail – Robert Wagoner
Kin to the Wind – Marty Robbins

Silver on the Sage – Sons of the Pioneers
There’s a Blue Sky Way Out Yonder – Rex Allen
Boot Heel Drag – Tommy Morrel & the Time-warp Top Hands
Rockonover – High Country Cowboys
Colorado – Bar J Wranglers
That Low Down Swing – The Pfeiffer Brothers
Open Range Ahead – Sons of the Pioneers
Out Where the West Winds Blow – Kenny Roberts & the Down Homers
4 More Listener Favorites
Theme from the Magnificent Seven – Al Caiola
Smoke of the Brandin’ Fire – Allan Chapman
Below the Old Kinney Rim – Belinda Gail
The Range in the Western Sky – Smokey Dawson
Sons of the Pioneers in the 1950s
San Antonio Rose ’50 (Perryman-Curtis-Doss)
I Still Do ‘51
Outlaws ‘52
Old Pioneer ‘52
If You Would Only be Mine ’54 (Coral: Doss-Warren-Perryman)
The Three of Us ’55 (Nolan-Perryman-Spencer)
Song of the Prodigal ‘56
How Great Thou Art ’55 (Nolan-Spencer-Curtis-Perryman)