Western Music Time (3-7 June 2020),The best of Classic Western And Western Swing

western music time - DJ O.J Sikes
western music time - DJ O.J Sikes

Opening theme
Who Was That Masked Man?
Lone Ranger Theme – studio Orch
The Lone Ranger Rides Again – Stan Corliss
Hi-Yo Silver, Hi-yo – Roy Rogers
The Lone Ranger Way – Hank Cramer
(A Few of) The Songs of Smiley Burnette
I’ll go Ridin’ Down that Texas Trail – Red Foley
Dear Old Western Skies – Len Slye with the Sons of the Pioneers
Hominy Grits – Red Foley
It’s My Lazy Day – Don Edwards & Rex Allen
The Wind Sings a Cowboy Song – Smiley Burnette
On the Strings of My Lonesome Guitar – Jimmy Wakely
Let’s Go Roamin’ Around the Range – Gene Autry
It’s Indian Summer – Ozie Waters & the Plainsmen
Ridin’ Down the Canyon – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers
The End of the Trail – Gene Autry
One More Ride – RW Hampton
Ridin’ Down that Old Texas Trail – Frank Luther Trio
A Red Silk Bandana – Texas Trail Hands fea Allan Chapman
Skinner’s Sock – The Farr Brothers
Ridin’ for the Rancho – Martha Mears with the Sons of the Pioneers
Green Leaves of Summer – 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett
Let’s Put the Western Back in the Country – Joni Harms
Ridin’ the Sunset Trail – Kyle Evans

British Performers/Composers and Western Music
South of the Border – Gene Autry, composed by Jimmy Kennedy (Ireland) & Michael Carr (England)
Across the Great Divide – Henry Hall Orch, Bob Mallin voc (1937), comp by Box, Cox & Roberts
The Sunset Trail – Roy Fox, voc Denny Dennis, composed by Kennedy & Carr
Ole Faithful – Gene Autry, composed by Hamilton Kennedy & Michael Carr
Roll Along Covered Wagon, Roll Along – Frank Chacksfield Orch., composed by Jimmy Kennedy
The Wheel of the Wagon is Broken – Andy Parker & the Plainsmen, comp by Carr with Elton Box & Desmond Cox
The Phantom Stagecoach – Vaughn Monroe, composed by Jimmy Kennedy & Lou Singer
There’s a Ranch in the Rockies – Henry Hall Orch., Bob Mallin voc (1939)
Take Mah Boots off When Ah Die – Sourdough Slim, composed by Hamilton Kennedy and Carr
Ridin’ Home – Al Bowlly, composed by Carr & Kenneth Leslie-Smith
Roll Along Prairie Moon – Jack Jackson orchestra, vocal Fred Latham
Pony Express – Vaughn Monroe, composed by Jimmy Kennedy & Eric Winstone
Down the Old Spanish Trail – Roy Rogers, composed by Jimmy Kennedy & Kenneth Leslie-Smith
The Northwest Trail – George Melachrino
Let Me Sing in Echo Valley – Ronnie Renalde